Lets Talk About: What To Expect From Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Leaked Images

Apple’s iPhone 8 is surely one of the most anticipated iPhones from the past few years, as the device is expected to feature a new design and a larger display than on previous models. Renders and mockups of the iPhone 8 have continuously surfaced online and BGR claims to have obtained images
that show the final design.

Apple is known to be testing and working with multiple prototypes of an unannounced iPhone, before settling for the final design and specs list. The recently leaked images reveal the iPhone 8 mockup based on finalized schematics, which were recently leaked.

The company is rumored to embed a fingerprint sensor inside the iPhone 8 display, but other reports say that the technology isn’t ready for mass production and the Touch ID will be featured on the back of the phone. Sadly, the live images don't clearly reveal if the Touch ID is embedded into the screen or relocated to the rear panel.

Symmetric and fluent design with 2.5D glass panels
Moving on, the live images show 2.5D glass panels at the front and back of the phone, giving it a harmonious symmetry and slight curves at the edges. The midframe is made out of stainless steel and is also slightly rounded.

Vertical dual-camera setup on the back of iPhone 8
The back panel reveals the vertical dual-camera setup, which slightly protrudes from the rear frame. In addition, the LED flash and microphone are located at the back, while the camera is expected to feature the same optical zoom capability seen on the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Moreover, augmented reality features are expected on the iPhone 8, set to be announced this September.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 3.5mm headphone jack is missing on the new phone. Wireless charging will be available on the iPhone 8, as well as on the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Apple will also take the step towards an OLED screen on the iPhone 8, and the device could actually have a screen-to-body ratio higher than on other phones on the market.

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