Lets Talk About: Google to Help You Find a Job Straight from Search

Google is now not only trying to get you the best search results for whatever it is you're looking for, but also a job. 

During the company's I/O developer conference held today in Mountain View, California, Google announced it was going to make job queries appear high up on the page, much like restaurant info shows up, for instance. 

Therefore, if you're going to try your luck by searching for "retail jobs" in your location, Google will return some new and interesting results by displaying job postings. You'll even be able to filter the listings, in case you're looking for a full-time job, or maybe a part-time gig. The company wants this feature to cater to everyone, regardless of their skill level or profession. 

This will effectively put Google in the same line of work as countless job-hunting sites who may not be that thrilled about the company's intentions. Users, however, should be quite thrilled to be able to get such easy access to a long list of jobs. 

Taking some friends along for the ride
To make this work, Google is partnering up with LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and Facebook. As many other new features, this one will make its debut in the United States, although expectations are that it will eventually roll out to other countries too. Users should expect to see the new tool in the coming weeks, even though the company has not released a strict timeline for it. 

The announcement was made during the company's I/O Developer's conference where Google pretty much focused on Android this time around. While in other years we had plenty of announcements on moonshots and other crazy developments, this year Google has focused on mobile the most, adding a pinch of AI and a dash of IoT.

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