Lets Talk About: LG In Partnership With Google And Amazon Out With AI On The G6

LG is more than a month away from announcing its latest flagship phone, the G6. The company will be hosting a conference in Barcelona on February 26 to announce a new phone that would allow users to “See more, Play more,” as its invite suggests.

Information about the new phone keeps pouring in, and the latest comes from a report by Business Korea which claims that LG is actively seeking to collaborate with Google and Amazon on incorporating artificial intelligence voice assistant Google Assistant in its devices.

The report claims that the G6 will include Google Assistant, while a number of other LG smart devices could be equipped with Amazon’s Alexa this year. It does seem likely, considering that Amazon was somewhat the star of CES 2017, although the company didn’t announce any new products.

Instead, it equipped many devices with its Alexa AI, including Huawei’s Mate 9. A number of LG devices, including fridges, already incorporate Amazon’s Alexa, which would make it very easy for the company to feature the AI voice assistant on new phones as well.

LG G6 with Google Assistant and new design
Google’s Assistant is currently featured exclusively on Pixel and Pixel XL phones, as well as on a number of Google products like Home. It seems a bit unlikely for Google to give up on the exclusivity of Google Assistant AI, but it’s not improbable.

If it were to borrow Google Assistant to other OEMs, LG would be the perfect fit, considering that the company was the developer of a Nexus phone and that it will be manufacturing the upcoming Google smartwatches, set to run the latest Android Wear 2.0.

Therefore, Google Assistant would incorporate voice and image recognition features, smart replies, and more. With artificial intelligence, the G6 will become a true competitor to other flagships set to be announced this year.

We’ll know for sure if Google Assistant will indeed be featured on the new G6 during the phone’s unveiling on February 26.

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