Lets Talk About: Apple iPhone 8 To Feature Design With Stainless Steel Frame

Apple is more than half a year away from unveiling the next iPhone, but that doesn’t mean that information on the upcoming phone won’t leak. A new report by Digitimes reveals that Apple will make some design changes in the new iPhone.

Specifically, the iPhone 8 will feature a stainless steel frame, similar to the one found on the iPhone 4. Apparently, Apple will abandon the aluminum panel in favor of a glass back and front. The stainless steel will be used for holding the two glass panels together.

The stainless steel frame will be the result of a forging process that’s aimed at enhancing sturdiness and reducing manufacturing costs and time. It seems that the cost of forging the stainless steel frame is between 30 and 50% lower compared to the current CNC machine process. Moreover, the quality control is also more stable.

A new design for the iPhone 8
The report also mentions that Apple will contract Foxconn and Jabil, the same companies that supplied components for the iPhone 4. The new design won’t affect any existing deals that Apple may have with its current chassis suppliers, since the new stainless steel bezel would still need to be refined by CNC machining.

Rumors from the past few months have indicated that Apple might make some major design changes in the new iPhone 8. Specifically, the phone might come with a home button and Touch ID sensor embedded directly into the display. The Jet Black variant of the iPhone 7 has been very popular among consumers, which means that Apple might bring back the color with the iPhone 8.

A glass design for the iPhone 8 would surely facilitate wireless charging, a feature that has been long rumored to be supported in the new phone. Moreover, some have suggested that the new iPhone 8 might come in two variants, one with a flat screen and a high-end version with a curved display.

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