Lets Talk About: The New Apple’s 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Launches Microsoft Surface Rival

Apple took the wraps off the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at WWDC a few hours ago, once again going after Microsoft’s Surface Pro in the 2-in-1 market that the company originally ignored.

Lets Talk About Complete Guidelines To Blogging Every Blogger Must Follow

Some basic guidelines on blogging, if you use a service blogger.com they have their own terms and conditions for posting content. You can’t just post anything, so always read the t&c's. If you don't follow their rules, your blog will probably get deleted.

Lets Talk About: What To Expect From Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Leaked Images

Apple’s iPhone 8 is surely one of the most anticipated iPhones from the past few years, as the device is expected to feature a new design and a larger display than on previous models. Renders and mockups of the iPhone 8 have continuously surfaced online and BGR claims to have obtained images

Lets Talk About: Google to Help You Find a Job Straight from Search

Google is now not only trying to get you the best search results for whatever it is you're looking for, but also a job. 

Lets Talk About: How Users Can Now Make Calls With Google Home

Google is going to start allowing Google Home users to place calls within the United States and Canada. 

Lets Talk About: Why Every One Need's Computer IT Training

Computer IT training seems to be one of the waves of the future.  IT (or Information Technology) represents quite a broad spectrum of services within the computing field.  A typical IT job may include network troubleshooting, upgrading PC systems, launching a software platform across

Lets Talk About: Role Of Computer Consultant Training

There are a variety of things you can learn about computers.  Some people go to school just to learn how to give other people advice about their computers.  This person would be considered a computer consultant.  Computer consultant training is becoming as popular as some of the other types of

Lets Talk About: Importance Of Computer Networking Training To Every IT Organisation

Computer networking training is a must have for any professional in the IT (Information Technology) field today.  Networks are connecting almost everything we use in the computer world.  Printers are

Lets Talk About: Why OnePlus 5 Is Far Better Than Galaxy S8 and Xperia XZ

OnePlus is preparing to launch a new flagship smartphone and it seems that the device was just spotted in benchmark. A report reveals that OnePlus 5 scores higher than Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S8, and Sony’s premium smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium.

Lets Talk About: Samsung Galaxy S8 Now Comes With Pre-Install McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee has recently announced that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones come with McAfee antivirus software pre-installed. But the latest flagship smartphones aren’t the only ones to

Lets Talk About: Meitu’s Sailor Moon Smartphone Out with a Wand Selfie Stick

Smartphone makers sometimes launch special editions of premium devices to appeal to fans of a certain franchise and provide a limited edition variant of a certain model, one that will eventually become a collectible.

Lets Talk About: Why Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Highly Fragile, but Not Must To Repairs

Samsung introduced a new design in the Galaxy S series with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Infinity Display and the glass back that makes the devices rather fragile. A number of drop tests have shown that the